Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your Webcams say 'HD'. What does that mean?

HD means that they look better than the other webcams you've seen before. HD stands for 'High Definition'. This is a description of the video resolution. Our HD WebCams run at 720p so you can enjoy crystal clear Norfolk Broads scenery!

I love watching the WebCams. I often have it on in the background for 10 hours per day! I'm worried that it will cost me money. Will it? does not charge you for the luxury of watching our 24 hour webcams. We just ask that you register your email address. However, the bandwidth used when watching the streams can be very high, so you should always check with your broadband provider to ensure that you don't use up all your bandwidth. We recommend watching the webcams for only 5 - 10 minutes per day.

This is a great way to advertise. How can I get a HD Webcam for my business?

That's an easy one. As the regions longest established and most experienced IP Webcam provider, can provide your business with a full webcam package completely tailored to your needs. Just get in touch.

I have seen Banner Ads around the website. How can I advertise on

Norfolk Live receives over 30,000 visits per month. If you want to increase your brand awareness, then get in touch for our great advertising rates and special offers.

I notice the weather icon. Is that really the temperature?

Our weather icons and temperature readings on the webcam streams are a guide only and are not 100% accurate. We recommend going outside for a better temperate gauge!

These WebCams are awesome. How do you do it?

Well, that's a secret. However, most of our knowledge was gained by reading an old beaten up script from the 1973 BBC show 'Family Fare'.....

Control FAQ's

How do I control the webcams?

That's an easy one! Once you have chosen one of our great webcams, simply 'mouse over' the image to bring up the options (by magic of course). You can then select'Control This Camera'. If you are already registered, just enter your login details and click submit. You will be placed in the queue. The camera will bring up a message on screen telling you when you are 'In Control'.

How long do I get control for?

Every visitor who clicks to control the camera gets at least 90 seconds. The maximum effective control time is 120 seconds.

90 seconds is too short. I want more!

We always do our best to make it fair for everyone. If you want more control time after your turn has finished, you will have to click to control again and get back in line - queueing is a great British past time!

I have seen the camera zoom. How do I zoom?

Currently, free zoom is not permitted. This is for privacy reasons. If you select a pre defined waypoint from the drop down list, you may experience zooming as we have selected the most appropriate zoom level for that view.